Tidy Bay is dedicated to help you with the latest information technologies.
We focus on Rapid Application Development (RAD), Cloud Computing and Big Data. With the new container technologies, we strongly believe the IT world is adapting the software architecture and strategies, and every business can achieve more with less efforts.


New information technologies are constantly invented, what you adopted today might not work for you tomorrow. You need help in making educated decisions.


We closely watch IT trends, and offer you strategy advises. Due to culture difference, the market adoption could be different, proper action needs to be taken timely.


Managing talented people in IT is challenge. Motivating them takes special care and attention. We have more than 20 years experience in successfully managing IT teams.


You have our words, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We pride what we do. We help, we explain, we execute, we guide you every step of the way.


About Tidy Bay

Tidy Bay was started to focus on Rapid Application Development (RAD), cloud computing technologies, especially PaaS and SaaS. We offer IT consulting services in IT project planning and development. We specialize in IT fields, and have many years' experience in developing software products and managing IT teams in different countries. We have expertise in Cloud Computing (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS), Mobile Application Development, Big Data, and Rapid Application Development.

While we work with many companies from different countries, we see the opportunity in RAD and Cloud Computing. With the new container technologies such as Docker, RAD can help developers leverage the cloud computing more without changing software coding habits. Mr. Smith